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Sephrith's Journal
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in Sephrith's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004
8:00 pm
Two Minds On The Subject
I have tried so hard gain back what I have slowly lost, my sanity. The demon in my head for so long has tried to gain control of me and make me a monster again but I think I might be getting back control. Hundreds of years buried under a volcanic mountain cave while imprisoned and tortured, you think I was past the point of no return. Infact, I thought I would never in control again but know I able feel something like a person again and not that of an animal. Maybe there is still hope for me but there will be none when I find the Master
Sunday, February 22nd, 2004
2:34 pm
Sunnydale: Population 1,254 ... Correction 1,251
We have reached Sunnydale and we are finally at full strength after feeding off blood at local meat market. Although the taste isn't as satisfying as the real thing, We must remain on this diet from now on We can't hurt any one else ever again. Well we can't hurt thoses that don't deserve it anyways. Now we must prepare our self for war against The Master and all his dogs. We will unleash all the power we have to have our vengence.
Tuesday, February 10th, 2004
2:32 pm
To Sunnydale or Bust
London , Great Britain

After Germany, we went to France and learned again why I hate the French, damn Pufters. We have traveled now to Great Britain, its been so long since we was home we just wish it was more welcoming. Hoping to seek out the one who stuck me out in that hole in the ground we started searching every rat infested hole. The vampires at the local pub were quite helpful before we killed them. Our journeys now lead us to the so called new world a town known as Sunnydale California.

Current Mood: aggravated
Thursday, February 5th, 2004
11:59 am
Remebering the hunt
Berlin, Germany ...Last Night

Down the darkest alley in Berlin a women runs for her life from two vampires on the hunt. That is were by harsh fate she bumps into us.

"Was falsch ist" We questioned,
"What is Wrong"

The women frantic answered almost in tears "Zwei Männer mit häßlichen Gesichtern chacing mich" "Two men with ugly faces are chacing me."

With a cruel smile I calmed her fears by saying " Ihr Safe jetzt, keine Sorgen."
"Your safe now, no worries."

She smiled and embraced us and held tightly thanking us and more than every began to cry as the two vampires enter the alley. She let go and huddled behind a trash can. The vampires looked at us then at her then back at us. The one vampire wearing a long black coat stepped forward and spoke "Das gehört uns Freund, damit es übergibt, und es gibt keine Schwierigkeit"
"That belongs to us friend so hand it over and there be no trouble"

With a quick smirk we replied," Aber wir lieben Schwierigkeit"
"But we love trouble"

They looked at each other with a questionable face, were then other vampire spoke "Was die Hölle Sie ist, der nur Sie theres Besprechen, sind Sie unsinnig".
"What the hell are you talking about theres only you, are you insane".

"Klar könnten Sie sagen, daß wir zwei Minen auf dem Thema, ein Denken sind, wie schnell er Sie und sein Denken töten will, wie schmerzhaft es Sie töten will"
"Yeah, you could say we are two mines on the subject, one thinking how fast he wants to kill you and its thinking how painful it wants to kill you" I ... or I mean we uttered.

The Vampire in the black coat shouted cowardly " Ihn läßt erhält"
"Lets get him"

While other vampire said softly "Ich werde, wenn Sie werden"
"I will if you will"

As they attacked, we reached into our jacket and pulled out a short sword which was concealed in it . Like chopping off the limbs of a tree there heads went and their remains turned to dust. The women in tears embraced us again and thanked us over and over and uttered if there is anything she could do to repay us and without hesitation we bit in to her neck. She screamed and shouted for mercy but the dark part of us was enjoy the taste of human blood again and laughed at her screams while the other part tried with almost all our might to release her. With a quick push we were able to let her go and stop the dark's blood lust as we stumbled to the ground with tears in our eyes asking foolishly to her "Vergeben Sie mich" / "Forgive Me". She looked at me with her tearful eyes and got up and ran as fast as she could to where ver she was going. May God Forgive me for this day for I am weak were the last thoughts I had before We retired to a near by cave until the sun sets again.

Current Mood: frustrated
Sunday, February 1st, 2004
3:14 pm
The Dark Awakining
Saint Petersburg Jan 1, 2004

So weak, we must keep digging almost free. They stuck us down here, they left us to suffer but we'll show them won't we. So hungry, must keep digging must get our revenge.

1249 Cairo, Egypt: The Times of Seventh Crusade

A fire lit desert night sky where but merely seconds ago was filled with the sounds of war battle cries man killing off other men. Until just one man was left standing. Covered in the blood of thousands, he alone survived. The man, who many would think he should be greatful, fell to his knees started to weep. The man began to think of the horrors he had comitted all in the name of his King. He released his grip on his sword. "Why god, why this, of all things why this." He looks to the sky "What has been solved, What!!!"

A dark sinister laugh fills the air, the warrior looks around "Who dares laugh at me!", he looks and sees a figure of a man cloaked under a robe his face well hidden. The warrior embraces his sword looks at the figure " Do you wish to meet the fate of the rest"

The figure in black " You could try and fail and try again but that fact is warrior I was amused by why you weep. All man are dead and yet you still stand with out a scratch on you".

"God's cruel joke upon me" The warrior muttered.

"No, God had nothing to do with this, it was destiny... your destiny to join our ranks and be come something greater."

A women enters taking the wariror by his hands whispering in his ear "Of all of them I knew you would stand above them...so" Her face changes to a demonic form and bites in to hsi neck, releases him for a second " that you cold join us" then proceeds to drink of his blood. The warrior just stands and a smile forms on his face. While the figure in black reveals his face a grey complection with pointed ears and reds eyes, a smile is forming on his face as he utters " So you shal rise and serve me your new master.

Present Day:

Must keep digging, I see there are roots and now I see the sky I am free ....FREE!!! Mwhahahahahahahahah

Current Mood: excited
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